Teething Ring $14

All natural, food grade, beeswax finish 

Helicopter $54

Rattle $26

Work Bench $72 

Schofield Valley Wood 


Allegany Treenware Wood Utensils
Starting at $7

41 State Street Oxford, New York

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JK Creative Woodwork

Lazy Susan, Napkin Holder and S&P

Lazy Susan $78

Richard Cruise Wooden Bowls
Starting at $77

                Mikutowski Woodworking


Possibility Box in Maple and Bubinga

$36 to $55


              Picture Frame




Bus $30


My First Car $18 


Scooter $17


Shapes Stacker $42 

Earring Racks

​Starting at $55


Bread Knives



Jewelry Box in Maple and Cherry

Starting at $99 to $396

A Gallery of American Made Arts and Crafts                                                           41 State Street   Oxford, New York


Truck and Trailer $30


Flat Bed Truck $36

A Summer Afternoon

Natural Wooden Toys

Steven Levine

Wooden Books

Starting at $75